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Life’s Little Adventures

Today began like any other day. Where the night before was riddled with a hysterical baby who couldn’t choose between play, sleep, or cuddles. And her cot (Aussie speak for crib), was filled with hot lava that only babies can see or feel apparently. In the morning, the civilized part of the morning I should say, we got up and did our usual thing. The rest of our day was shaping up quite well, which in the world of One Hot Mess can only mean one thing. Something must go awry.

That something was when I arrived home after some grocery shopping to find I was locked out of the front door. Alright then, I told myself, lets check the back. As I struggled to open the gate from the opposite end it was meant to be opened, I also pulled off the trick of balancing a wriggly 11 month old on my hip. Ah! The latch came open and we shuffled through, down the back of the house. Recently, Charlie has been mesmerized by the opening and shutting of doors. So, to save her little fingers from smashing and our ears from ringing, we have been latching shut all the doors. This is fine and dandy until you have two bags full of perishables and can’t even get in the flimsy screen door! Luckily for me, there is a spare fridge in the garage so I was able to save the food, and perhaps a piece of my sanity. Unlucky for me, my dear husband was in a meeting and couldn’t answer my witty but pleading texts to jump on his next Knight In Shining Armor opportunity.

Let’s back track a bit. You’re probably wondering why on earth I don’t have a house key. I have car keys right?! Ding! You my lovelies are some smart cookies. I will reward your curiosity. I have traded cars with above said dear husband because he is handicap at the moment and can’t drive his car which has a standard transmission. He apparently doesn’t need a house key on his car keys. Why? I have no earthly idea. Or unearthly for that matter.

In the end, Charlie and I had a little adventure on the back deck. She played with the lone car key and I ate my sushi lunch I picked up on my way out of the shops. I’m glad I was around to vouch for her if need be though. She only has one sock on, hiccups to beat the band, and her hair is a mess. Someone might mistake her for a transient squatter.

“Why won’t they let me in?!”

xx OHM

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