This is the place where you get to read about me. Isn’t this whole blog about me? Not in a, “I’m so awesome” way, but an, “I’m an idiot half the time and shameless enough to tell you about it” way. Really though, you just want the short version of my bio, and hopefully you like it enough to read my posts. So here goes nothing.

My name is CJ and I am a mom. Once you have a baby you forget everything else you used to be. Slowly, I am remembering what that was. I am an expat, living in Australia. With my sexy Australian husband. That’s the awesome part. Our daughter, Charlotte (Charlie) is nearly one and she has made me a better person. I’m an advocate for personal liberty, and small government, and even though I live abroad currently, I am still heavily invested in American politics. I love wine, Mexican food, yoga, horses, country music (the good kind, the Red Dirt kind), and I love to read. I hate cilantro and I don’t suffer fools. Other than that, I attempt to live life to its fullest and I plan to die a really tired, old lady.

This is Wonder Woman and me with our babies. Oh how things have changed!

This is Wonder Woman and me with our babies. Oh how things have changed!

I travel back to the U.S. about twice each year and spend every second I can with my awesome friends and family. You’ll read about them here, and especially my other mother friends, like Wonder Woman, who gave me my nickname of One Hot Mess. You’ll learn if you read my blog why I earned this name. She is my best female friend on the whole planet and she can tell you, I always seem to find myself in predicaments through no fault of my own.

These are my stories, mistakes, and lessons. Happy reading lovelies.


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